the SS Gullwind

"the finest ship ever to poke her nose into space!"

Image provided by Art from forum

the Starship Gullwind

The Gullwind is the envy of many a freighter pilot. Although her smaller size prevents her from carrying larger loads, her exceptional speed and maneuverability enables her to travel quickly and avoiding many of the hazards that threaten more ordinary freight haulers.

Her three engines look long and ungainly, stretching out to make up nearly half of the ship's length, poised to spit out some real power when called upon.

Garlus Tylappar was the original owner/operator of the Gullwind, and has since awarded it in his will to his latest crew who embarked on the now historic and legendary Dramune Run.

The vessel had seen some modifications over the years under her former skipper, but once again her latest crew has placed her under the wrench and laser powertorch for yet another face-lift, this time turning her over to a para-military contractor for some upgrades to more efficiently ward off any space pirates during future ventures. With such a rich history and fine reputation, the Gullwind is now poised to meet new challenges more efficiently.

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Berthed at Clarion Station

One of the last holovid shots taken of the Gullwind under her former skipper, prior to embarking on the Dramune Run.